Dear customers,

Your skin is your treasure and therefore deserves the highest quality care. Regular and professional care of your face and body will enhance your beauty even further, you will feel more confident and more satisfied.

Do not hesitate to try one of our professional colleagues for any service and we guarantee your full satisfaction. You will also save your time because we will try to accommodate you in one visit to get through the more services you are interested in. Our goal is always to enjoy the next visit to us and make the best for it.

For your satisfaction, we regularly train and improve not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad, so we keep pace with current trends and use modern technologies.

The beauty salon OXISECRET BEAUTY CLINIC offers quality, effective treatment, relaxation and a pleasant environment. We are looking forward to your visit!

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  • Shay Grinvald
    The acne looked much better only after the first treatment. Highly recommend
  • Юлія Марченко
    That's a good job. Happiness shines from my eyebrows!
    Thank you very much OKSANA,
  • Salikova Veronika
    Amazing cosmetology, facials and everything you need o juvenile your skin
  • Daniela Antonie
    Super professional. Excellent prices. And best of all fantastic results. Love my new eye brows and lips . Will defiantly be recommending. Thank you again.
  • Šárka Syrová
    (Translated by Google) For me, the best thing that ever happened to me, great satisfaction and really believe that I can compare.
    My rating will be a little longer, but I recommend reading it.
    I visited a total of 3 places.
    HOW IT LOOKED LIKE ON OTHER CLINICS: In the first place, a horrible approach, so in the end I decided not to do anything with them. Everything looked great at the second clinic. An agreed date, which was modified several times by them, but my friend and I finally decided to undergo eyebrow microblading. At the clinic, including the completion of the questionnaire, I was done in about half an hour. Huge pain during the procedure, but also after it (2 days after the procedu...>>>
  • kolja vlad
    (Translated by Google) Great place in the city center! I'm happy with the result!
  • EMILY Vanilka
    (Translated by Google) Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn permanent make-up under the guidance of professionals !! Very pleasant team, individual approach I am very glad that I chose you! 🌹
  • Maria Kovalikova
    (Translated by Google) OxiSecret - Beauty Clinic is a pleasant place to relax and choose a treatment. As well as Mrs. Oksana, who really provides first-class services and does truly miracles. I personally have a great experience with microbliding.
    My face has a beautiful shape and color that fits perfectly with my shape.
    Thank you very much Mrs. Oksane and I also recommend to all ladies who have a choice of beauty center.
    Maria Kovalikova