Accredited cosmetology courses

What will you get after completing the course:

  • Knowledge of cosmetologists in the field of aesthetic and hardware cosmetology with over 15 years of experience,
  • Certificate of retraining in the cosmetic field (with it you can get a certificate of entrepreneurial activity, you can start working right after the course)
  • The certificate is valid throughout the EU,
  • Certificate from OxiSecret Beauty Clinic for bonus courses: Mesotherapy – Dermapero, full body sugar paste hair removal, Brazilian hair removal, laser hair removal, HIFU SMAS lifting, WOW Shape, LPG massage, microcurrent therapy.
  • Gifts for every course: 3 OxiSecret depilation sugar pastes worth 1770,- CZK,
  • OxiSecret depilation guide worth 990,- CZK as a gift,
  • Discounts on beauty products and beauty machines,
  • Consultation of specialists after the course,
  • Adding to a private chat for course graduates

Cosmetic course STANDART

  • Introduction – familiarization with the program
  • Safety and health protection at work, labor protection, fire safety
  • Hygienic and epidemiological requirements for operation
  • Anatomy, muscle structure and function of the skin / skin diseases / allergies
  • Basic Skin Care Products / Product Comparison Recommendations
  • Theory: devices in skin care, chemical peels
  • Cosmetic diagnostics and consultation / analysis of skin types
  • Ways to remove unwanted hair
  • Facials
  • Manual skin cleaning / Ultrasonic / Darsonvalization
  • Care for problem and oily skin / acne
  • Dry and dehydrated skin
  • Skin with age spots
  • Care for sensitive skin
  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Correction and dying of eyebrows
  • Classic cosmetic massage / micromassage of the area around the eyes
  • Application of masks: cream / alginate / enzymatic
  • Wax depilation
  • Depilation with OxiSecret sugar paste
  • Brazilian waxing with OxiSecret sugar paste
  • Answers on questions
  • Psychology of communication with a client / duties of an entrepreneur, EET

+BONUS: 2 hour lesson from the founder of OxiSecret and Exclusive Beauty Clinic, beautician with 15 years of experience, permanent make-up expert, founder of the sugar paste brand OxiSecret Oxana Chaloupková , where you can enter your any questions on the topic of business (worth 10000,- CZK)

Cosmetic course VIP

  • Basic course program +
  • Eyebrow architecture (henna dying)
  • Eyebrow lamination
  • Eyelash lamination
  • Detailed analysis of chemical peels + practice
  • RF-lifting – radiofrequency face lifting
  • Microcurrent therapy – skin rejuvenation and lifting
  • LPG body massage – LPG Cellu M6 non-invasive liposuction / body shaping
  • Wow Shape – RF energy, vacuum, infrared light and roller massage / skin tightening / slimming
  • HIFU SMAS lifting – non-surgical skin lifting
  • Dermapero / microneedle care

+BONUS: 5 h. Lesson from the founder of OxiSecret and Exclusive Beauty Clinic, beautician with 15 years of experience, permanent make-up expert, founder of the sugar paste brand OxiSecret Oxana Chaloupková, on the topic: how to do business without mistakes, client’s complaint, how to be prepared for various checks, psychological approach (worth 25000,- CZK)

Cosmetic course GOLD

  • Commissioning and equipment of the placement, how to start
  • Detailed analysis of the company’s working charter / example
  • How to get a certificate of entrepreneurial activity in the field of cosmetology
  • How to conduct a job interview
  • The right choice of administrator
  • The right choice of beauticians
  • Staff dress code
  • Employment in various ways
  • The topic of the conditions of remuneration of personnel for different types of employment
  • Accounting / EET
  • Premises / room lease agreements – what to look for
  • Labor contracts
  • Etiquette / Marketing
  •  personal consultation with Oksana
  • How to run a successful cosmetology business

+BONUS worth 23650,- CZK:
cosmetic device Ozonizer Darsonval worth 1150,- CZK,
cosmetic device Ultrasonic spatula worth 3000,- CZK,
cosmetic device Dermapero worth 4500,- CZK,
cosmetic device Mikrotoky worth 15000,- CZK

Dates of courses by arrangement.

In order to reserve a place at any of these courses, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the course cost must be made to a bank account:


Courses take place at OxiSecret, Jugoslávská 481/12, Prague 2
ČSOB, Anglicka 20, Praha 2
Variabilni symbol:
Your phone number
Account name:
Account :
268334431 / 0300 CZK
CZ30 0300 0000 0002 6833 4431
The agent account:


You can make an additional payment at the course location or to the indicated bank account.

Make up your mind and join professionals from all over the world. You will learn what is in great demand now!

Gain the knowledge that will guide you to satisfied customers and a quick start in your career.

Cosmetology course STANDART
45000 CZK 
Cosmetology course VIP
70000 CZK 65000 CZK 
Cosmetology course GOLD
99000 CZK 90000 CZK 

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