Peelings | Green Peel

Green Peel - Biological Herbal Peeling
Green Peel Dr. Schrammek is a biological skin restoration method in 5 days From soft refreshment through active recovery to intense peeling - according to the result of skin diagnosis. Herbal mixtures cause a strong blood supply and flat peeling of the skin's surface layer, which greatly stimulates the formation of new cells and natural regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin.
Peeling PRX-T33
To make skin look radiant and incredibly smooth, make PRX-T33 therapy! It is good not only for solving certain problems, but also as an “go out” procedure with a WOW effect!
BioRePeel Cl33
Biorepil is an innovative method of two-phase peeling, which in just one session allows you to achieve a super lifting effect, improve skin tone and eliminate age spots.
Chemical peeling Renophase
Chemical peeling is an effective method of influencing skin condition. This treatment helps to reduce visible effects of aging, smooting and exfoliation, as well as fighting acne and pigmentnation of various origins.
Peeling Alkaline Wash
Alkaline Wash is formulated to remove superficial epidermal skin cells, hairs, soften tissues and to exfoliate dead and dying cells. Аlkaline Wash delivers a result identical to a chemical peel, but without the damage, controlled burn or uncomfortable healing period.