Caring for eyelashes, eyebrows

Correction of the brows
Charm your surroundings with a deep and sensual look!
Eyebrow dyeing
Charm your surroundings with a deep and sensual look!
Eyelash dyeing
Lashes are mostly colored in black, the color is applied as much as possible to the root of the lashes to make the effect as large as possible.
Eyebrows lamination
Everyone's favorite eyebrow lamination - stylish, fashionable. This procedure was loved not only by young people, it suits absolutely everyone.
OxiSecret brows
A complex procedure for highlighting and adjusting natural eyebrows
OxiSecret lashes
Complex procedure for highlighting the natural lashes line Every woman wishes to have beautiful and distinctive lashes with minimal efforts! You can achieve this with the OxiSecret Lashes procedure. During it your eyelashes will go through a complete change, your look will be seductive and beautiful. The eyes will be bright, optically enlarged, eyelashes beautifully shot and visible.