Consultation how to open your salon without mistakes

Opening your own beauty salon is a dream of many women and men who are passionate about beauty and taking care of their appearance. However, it is necessary to understand that the creation and successful management of a beauty salon requires serious preparation and knowledge.

If you want to open your own beauty salon, but don’t know where to start, we are ready to share our experience and help you through this path.

We offer individual consultations for those who want to start their own beauty business. Consultations are conducted by Oxana Chaloupkova herself, the founder of several beauty salons, her own cosmetic brand and the OxiSecret online store. Oxana will help you understand the basics of creating and managing a beauty salon, as well as give valuable advice on promoting your business.

Oxana has many years of experience and management in the beauty industry and can help you with:

  • Creation of a business plan and market research
  • Finding suitable premises for the salon
  • Creation of the charter, rules of work (provozní řad)
  • Purchase of equipment and tools for work
  • Recruitment and training of staff
  • Business promotion in social networks and the Internet
  • Development of marketing strategies and promotions
  • Where and what kind of training is worth going to
  • How to find the first clients
  • Which institutions to visit
  • Recommendations of reliable accountants
  • And any questions that interest you on the topic of starting a business in the beauty industry
  • Guarantor in the cosmetic field (beautician)
  • Guarantor for the provision of cosmetic services
  • Guarantor of permanent make-up
  • Guarantor in the field of permanent make-up (violation of skin integrity)

We also offer practice in the salon: a behind-the-scenes look at the salon, the salon standards and manual without the possibility of copying or taking photos, being present for treatments with clients and getting to know the entire operation of the salon from opening to closing of the shift.

Don’t miss your chance to open a successful beauty salon with us! Contact our consultants and get professional assistance in creating and managing your own beauty salon.

Consultation (each started hour)
60 min
5000 CZK 
Creation of the charter, rules for the work of the salon (provozní řad) Depending on the complexity, number of devices
From 5000 CZK 
Consultation by phone or email
30 min
2500 CZK 
Responsible representative (zástupce) for cosmetology for 1 year
15000 CZK 
Prepaid package 15 hours
50000 CZK 
Practice in the salon 1 day x 8h
5000 CZK 
Practice in the salon 15 days x 8h
75000 CZK 50000 CZK 

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