Instrumental cosmetics

HIFU - non-surgical SMAS lifting
HIFU SMAS LIFTING is a new, effective and safe method of non-surgical tightening and rejuvenation of the skin and restoration of soft tissues of the face, which allows you to look younger for several years in 30-90 minutes!
Microcurrent therapy (myostimulation)
Microcurrent therapy is indicated for the care of dry and aging skin, for the removal of wrinkles, acne and hyperpigmentation, face lifting.
RF – face lifting
RF-face lifting is an effective alternative plastic surgery method, which allows to improve the condition of the skin and put in order its appearance. The procedure is relatively simple, but the result of its implementation becomes noticeable immediately after the first session.
Hydrating Facial vacuum face cleaning
Hydro-vacuum facial cleansing is a facial cosmetic facial cleansing procedure using special equipment. Thermal water and vacuum are simultaneously supplied to the handle of the device.
Laser gel mask
Laser gel mask combines the technology of laser therapy and the effect of bicarbonate gel. The combination of these techniques allows to achieve the maximum effect of skin biostimulation and regeneration
Diamond microderma- Brasion
Diamond microdermabrasion is an advanced exfoliating  treatment  that polishes your skin, minimising fine lines, sun damage, acne scaring and age spots. Using very fine crystals to exfoliate the deepest layers of your skin diamond microdermabrasion restores a healthy and youthful appearance of you skin.
The Omnilux device was developed in cooperation with NASA, the U.S. Space Laboratories. The therapy is painless, safe and without side effects.
Ozone has anti-inflammatory effects. Enhances skin resistance, has calming and disinfecting properties. Inflamed ranks catch up and heal very well. Scarecrows acne quickly. Ozone therapy aids regeneration, prevents contamination of pores and prevents the formation of comedones.