Permanent makeup | Microblading

Permanent makeup blush
Permanent makeup blush is the latest pigmentation technique. Permanent cheek makeup (blush) will add freshness, youthfulness and improve the face oval.
Freckles permanent make-up
Freckle tattooing is a popular trend all over the world. The effect of natural freckles on the face. Painless technique of permanent makeup. The result of permanent make-up freckles holds more than a year and looks as natural as possible.
Brows permanent make-up - microblading
Beautiful neat eyebrows adorn the woman. Today, naturalness is in vogue, therefore, Microblading is the favorite procedure of women among permanent makeup. Microblading is performed using microscopic technology. The master manually draws each hair with a special coloring pigment applied to a thin needle. Such painstaking manual work leads to an excellent result, your eyebrows become beautiful and natural.
Permanent make-up lips
Lips are a very important part of your face. Permanent makeup of lips can regulate the size, shape and color of your lips to improve overall appearance.
Eyes Permanent make-up – eyeliner
Permanent eye makeup looks beautiful and natural. Tattooing will make the look more expressive, emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes. The procedure is ideal for sparse and thin eyelashes, giving them visual thickness. Eyes permanent makeup is also relevant for anyone who does not want to spend extra time on makeup.
Areolas permanent make-up – Breasts nipples
The procedure is suitable for both women and men.
BB Glow is a procedure for a perfect complexion, eliminates the need to use foundation for a whole year and at the same time rejuvenates the skin.
Permanent make-up and tattoo remover
Removing permanent makeup with a remover is a good way to get rid of an unsuccessful permanent make-up or tattoo.