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MEDI PEDI alkaline pedicure
Remove all foot imperfections with the Alkaline Wash. Biochemical pedicure or Medi Pedi alkaline pedicure is a safe pedicure, hygienic and highly effective treatment.
STAYFIT - active muscle training
STAYFIT is the first non-invasive aesthetic treatment machine to strengthen muscles and reduce body fat at the same time. The enhanced technique allows you to create a more slender body, make it fit, work out the contours, and also reduce local fat deposits, while pumping the muscles hiding under them.
WOW SHAPE (hardware modeling massage)
NEW IN OXISECRET BEAUTY CLINIC - hardware technology that has received an award for the best body treatment.
Cleaning of the back
Beautiful and clean back without black dots and pimples.
Fat burning with STYX body wraps
Thermoactive anti-cellulite wraps with special gels from the well-known Austrian cosmetic company STYX Naturcosmetic are very popular for shaping the figure, as they have a noticeable effect in a short time.
LPG massage is a unique method developed by French scientists, recognized in the world of plastic surgery, is the best alternative to liposuction as the therapy of cellulite and overweight. To the skin and subcutaneous fat tissues by the special rollers, placed in the handle, which rotate quickly, are resultant in fat burning and volume reduction.
Peeling Alkaline Wash
Alkaline Wash is formulated to remove superficial epidermal skin cells, hairs, soften tissues and to exfoliate dead and dying cells. Аlkaline Wash delivers a result identical to a chemical peel, but without the damage, controlled burn or uncomfortable healing period.