Chemical peeling Renophase

Chemical peeling is an effective method of influencing skin condition.

This treatment helps to reduce visible effects of aging, smooting and exfoliation, as well as fighting acne and pigmentnation of various origins.

Chemical peeling is comprised of fruit acids, mostly application of glycolic acids are used to apply on the skin.

When using these acids, surface and deeper epidermis of skin are removed. Then it comes to the healing process, in which the cornified skin cells are replaced with new ones.

The facial treatment refines texture of the skin. Wrinkles are reduced and skin becomes even soft and moisturised, also without any acne or pigmentation spots.

Renew Lift: skin lifting, smoothing, removal of wrinkles, recommended for wrinkled and languid skin.

Reprogrammation: renewal of skin, regeneration, recommended for withering, stressed skin and one which might have been affected by menopause, pregnancy or childbirth.

Whitening: reducing the pigmentation of any sort.

Kératorégulateur: removing acne, seborrhea, controlling oily skin.


Chemical peeling is comprised of two components which are gradually applied on skin:

1. Hydrogel Reticulé Antioxidant

Mesh material that ensures permeability of skin for active substances, their stability and gradual release in the deeper layers. Substances are released and act for three hours after application peelings. It has a high antioxidant effect which protects the skin from the negative side effects of free glycolic acid. It contains phytosterols as an anti-inflammatory component and a precursor of hyaluronic acid which is known for its regenerative effect.

2. Peeling Glycolic Acid

It contains 40 or 60% glycolic acid in its free form. With previous administration of the hydrogel, the active substance and the free acid glycolic is released into the deeper layers of skin. Skin´s microcirculation improves as well, which provides stimulation the formation of new cells. The skin becomes more elastic, it retains more water.

Biopeel is a revolutionary way to affect to deep tissue without inflammation does not form.

Technology Laboratoires Renophase is based on close cooperation of professional skin treatment in a salon and home care.

-10% discount when purchasing a profitable package of 5 procedures

Chemical peeling Renophase - Face
2000 CZK 
Chemical peeling Renophase - face and neck
2500 CZK 
Chemical peeling Renophase - face, neck and decollate
2900 CZK 
Chemical peeling Renophase - back of hand
1200 CZK 

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