Brazilian depilation

You will appreciate the advantages of sugar paste especially when depilating sensitive intimate areas. Brazilian hair removal is relatively more painful than razor shaving, but on the other hand you will have almost a month of peace.

But for the first time, be sure to entrust yourself to experts, because intimate parts are really very sensitive. With the gradual repetition, the hairs thin out and then you will not even feel that they are tearing out.

The beautician works with disposable gloves and spatulas throughout the depilation. Before visiting a beauty studio, please pay attention to personal hygiene!



For more sensitive clients, an anesthetic can be used, which is applied in the form of a cream and left to act for 30 minutes.


According to the client’s wishes, we can create a heart, a lid, a Playboy and other more complicated ideas.

Bikini lines
500 CZK 
Thong bikini including inner things for women
850 CZK 
Brazilian with a strip for women
1000 CZK 
Full brazilian for women
1000 CZK 
Full brazilian for women (Package 10x)
10000 CZK 8500 CZK 
Brazilian upper part (bikini line, abdomen) for men
1500 CZK 
Partial brazilian for men
2000 CZK 
Full brazilian for men
2500 CZK 
Anestetikum (4g)
650 CZK 

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