Dermapen – Microneedling

Dermapen is a fractional mesotherapy device that renews the skin both from the inside and outside and combines the functions of microdermabrasion and mesotherapy.

DermaPen microneedles produce microdamage to the epidermis, which leads to the production of collagen and elastin and enhances cellular renewal.

Enhanced restoration and renewal of the skin begins and, therefore, the effect of lifting and smoothing the skin is achieved.

Indications for the procedure:

  • Pigmentation and dull skin color,
  • Wrinkles,
  • Skin irregularities,
  • Lethargy and flabbiness of the skin,
  • “Double chin”,
  • Acne and post-acne
  • Enlarged pores and increased oiliness of the skin
  • Inflammation of the skin.


  • Abnormalities in the psyche and epilepsy
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Inflammatory and infectious processes
  • Disease of the heart and blood vessels
  • Systemic diseases
  • Violation of blood clotting
  • Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, herpes and other skin diseases
Dermapen - Microneedling: 1x
120 min
3500 CZK 
Dermapen - Microneedling: 5x
600 min
17500 CZK 15750 CZK 

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