Eyebrows lamination

Eyebrow lamination procedure is recommended for “taming” curly, coarse hairs on the eyebrows. Thanks to lamination, the eyebrows become more obedient and easier to style, as a result, you get a perfectly styled eyebrow shape without the effect of glued hairs.⠀

  • Want thick eyebrows?
  • Have asymmetry?
  • Want to hide a scar in the eyebrow area?
  • You have narrow eyebrows?
  • You have curly, naughty or tight hairs?
  • Do not like clear traced lines?
  • Tired of painting eyebrows every morning?
  • Do you want to restore and grow hair?
  • Or do you just want your eyebrows to look well-groomed and attractive?

Then sign up for a long-term brow fixing – brow lamination.

Eyebrows Lamination + shape construction + coloring + correction
60 min
1500 CZK 

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