Permanent make-up and tattoo remover

Removing permanent makeup with a remover is a good way to get rid of an unsuccessful tattoo or tattoo.


Removing the tattoo with a remover allows you to get rid of the drawing in a short time.

Advantages of the procedure:

  1. Quick removal of old tattoo. The remover has an effect on the pigment that leaves the skin in a few sessions. If you used a simple technique of applying a permanent, you can get rid of the drawing in one procedure.
  2. The process of introducing a portion of the chemical composition takes from 40 minutes – the time of one procedure.
  3. Removal is a painless process. The skin is not exposed to rays, is not injured. As a result, the anesthetic can not be used.
  4. The option is suitable for owners of any color type.
  5. The advantage of the remover over other methods is the ability to neutralize all shades and colors, regardless of the complexity of the tattoo.
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